Sentence Examples

  • The combination of a nice warm and cozy bed with the prospect of a day at school ahead is one that can send a youngster snuggling under the bedclothes instead of bouncing out of bed.
  • Although the mites can only live away from human skin for about three days, sharing clothing or bedclothes can pass scabies among family members or close contacts.
  • Inside and Outside Temperature - Ideal for planning what to wear from the comfort of the bedclothes.
  • Staph bacteria can also contaminate bedclothes, catheters, and other objects.
  • Froissart relates that he was burned to death through his bedclothes catching fire; Secousse says that he died in peace with many signs of contrition; another story says he died of leprosy; and a popular legend tells how he expired by a divine judgment through the burning of the clothes steeped in sulphur and spirits in which he had been wrapped as a cure for a loathsome disease caused by his debauchery.