Sentence Examples

  • Games Radar is not pleased with the targeting system, saying that it often sticks "to the enemy you just knocked down (and therefore can't attack until he gets up again) while another is bashing you in the back."
  • The cost of shipping is a bit lower than other nationwide shipping companies such as UPS or FedEx, and the level of service is quite high, no matter how much post office bashing you may hear.
  • After successfully recovering from whatever it was that lead to her insane head-shaving, umbrella bashing, creepy Adnan Ghalib dating behavior, Brit was able to see her boys on her own.
  • They can also cause back problems, and will probably cause your bank balance to take a bit of a bashing.
  • Fair warning though, the site is less about Federline and more about bashing his ex Britney.