Sentence Examples

  • Grind, gate), forming the boundary between the parishes of: Northmavine and belting, is only 60 yds.
  • The principal manufactures are belting, woollens, tinners' hardware, iron and gasolene motors.
  • The brunette paled before belting, "Rainy!"
  • Within the city limits and furnishes water-power for factories; among the manufactures are textiles, boots and shoes, leather belting, sash, doors and blinds, carriages, machinery and bricks.
  • Belting intended for driving machinery is built up of canvas which has been thoroughly frictioned with the soft mixed rubber, and is cured by placing it in a kind of press kept by means of steam at a dry heat of about 140° C. Packing for the stuffing boxes of steam engines is similarly prepared from strips of rubber and friotioned canvas, as also are the so-called insertion sheets, in which layers of rubber alternate with canvas or even wire gauze.