Sentence Examples

  • You enjoy baiting me too much for me to trust you.
  • Their relations with Poles and Ruthenians are anything but cordial, and " Jew-baiting " is of frequent occurrence.
  • The cruel sport of badger-drawing was formerly popular throughout Great Britain, but was prohibited about the middle of the 19th century, together with bear-baiting and bull-baiting.
  • Another method of baiting this animal is thus described in the Encyclopaedia of Sport: " They dig a place in the earth about a yard long, so that one end is four feet deep. At this end a strong stake is driven down.
  • There was at one time a tendency among jurists to question whether, for instance, the prevention of cruelty to animals was not a recognition of a certain quasiright in animals, or whether it was merely that such exhibitions as bulland bear-baiting, cock-fights, &c., were demoralizing to the public generally.

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