Sentence Examples

  • These archways were subsequently blocked, and may have been intended originally as portals to a quadrangle which was never built.
  • The alcoves were white, seemingly of stone or plaster; but the archways were covered with blue varnish or blue tiles, with beautiful inscriptions in white and gold.
  • Doorways were usually square, but corbelled archways and gateways surmounted with sculptures were not uncommon.
  • Its former greatness is attested by many Roman remains, the chief of which are two well-preserved stone gateways, the Porte d'Arroux and the Porte St Andre, both pierced with four archways and surmounted by arcades.
  • There are more than five hundred pillars in all, of very various style and workmanship, and the enclosure-250 paces in length and 200 in breadth, according to Burckhardt's measurement - is entered by nineteen archways irregularly disposed.