Sentence Examples

  • Its former greatness is attested by many Roman remains, the chief of which are two well-preserved stone gateways, the Porte d'Arroux and the Porte St Andre, both pierced with four archways and surmounted by arcades.
  • There are more than five hundred pillars in all, of very various style and workmanship, and the enclosure-250 paces in length and 200 in breadth, according to Burckhardt's measurement - is entered by nineteen archways irregularly disposed.
  • - containing many curiously shaped caves and archways which attract large numbers of visitors.
  • It is situated between fine cliffs in which, here and there, the sea has worn archways, pinnacles and other curious forms. The small stream traversing the valley, at the extremity of which Etretat lies, flows underground for some distance but rises to the surface on the beach.
  • High, divided into a long central and two end sections, separated by recesses and two transverse archways about 25 ft.