Sentence Examples

  • He was about to ask if she played, but she was already appreciating the ceiling."My God, that's hand carved."
  • Naïve materialism is due to a cause which still, perhaps, has no small power, the natural difficulty which persons who have had no philosophic training experience in observing and appreciating the importance of the immaterial facts of consciousness.
  • The cells of the tip at any given moment may be sensitive, but in a few days the power of receiving the stimulus has passed to other and younger cells which then constitute the tip. The power of appreciating the environment is therefore to be associated with the protoplasm only at a particular stage of its development and is transitory in its character.
  • Maux, to lay the foundation of a thoroughly and Cuvler hitherto unknown mode of appreciating the value of the various groups of the animal kingdom.
  • Lacroix - as were capable of appreciating them.

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