Sentence Examples

  • He was welcomed back into the scientific coterie about Mersenne, and forthwith had the task assigned him of criticizing the Meditations of Descartes, which had been sent from Holland, before publication, to Mersenne with the author's request for criticism from the most different points of view.
  • Their chief ground of criticizing the proposed measures was that they would threaten the unity of the Bohemian country.'
  • In brief, the legislative councils were not only enlarged, but transformed into debating bodies, with the power of criticizing the executive.
  • (1895), collections of addresses, each taking its title from a lecture criticizing the shallowness and falseness of society, the power of money, &c., A Memoir of Dr Samuel G.
  • One of them, Facts Addressed to Landholders, &c. (1780), written by Horne in conjunction with others, criticizing the measures of Lord North's ministry, passed through numerous editions; the other, A Letter on Parliamentary Reform (1782), addressed by him to Dunning, set out a scheme of reform, which he afterwards withdrew in favour of that advocated by Pitt.