Sentence Examples

  • The relics of bone, antler, stone, shell and copper are of yesterday.
  • Both sexes are devoid of antler appendage; but in this the musk-deer agrees with one genus of true deer (Hydrelaphus), and as in the latter, the upper canine teeth of the males are long and sabre-like, projecting below the chin, with the ends turned somewhat backwards.
  • In the muntjac the bare bony part, or " antler," is small in proportion to the skin-covered pedicle, and simple in structure; but in the majority of deer the antler increases in size act the expense of the pedicle - which dwindles - and in some species, like the Siamese deer (fig.
  • I., and may well be designated " antler-horns."
  • With the exception that the right antler is malformed and partially aborted, and that the bones of the lateral toes have been lost, the skeleton is practically complete.

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