Sentence Examples

  • Ward commemorating the first proof of the anaesthetic properties of ether, made in 1846 in the Massachusetts General Hospital by Dr W.
  • It is used as an anaesthetic, principally in dentistry, producing when inhaled a condition of hysterical excitement often accompanied by loud laughter, whence it is sometimes called "laughing gas."
  • ==Pharmacology of Aconite and Aconitine== Aconite first stimulates and later paralyses the nerves of pain, touch and temperature, if applied to the skin, broken or unbroken, or to a mucous membrane; the initial tingling therefore gives place to a longcontinued anaesthetic action.
  • For the anaesthetic properties of ether see Anaesthesia.
  • The therapeutic applications of the drug are based entirely upon its anaesthetic or anodyne power.

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