Sentence Examples

  • For example, The American Pregnancy Association states that an epidural may make pushing more difficult, which may result in the need for interventions like pitocin, forceps, or vacuum extraction.
  • Your baby's heart rate can be affected by the contractions, his/her movements, and interventions such as narcotics, an epidural, or an amniotomy (rupturing your membranes).
  • If you're worried about the pain of childbirth, but are not willing to consider an epidural or other medical interventions, acupressure may be an alternative to consider.
  • If an epidural or spinal were used, Duramorph (a pain medication similar to morphine) is often administered through these catheters just prior to completion of surgery.
  • Pain medication offered at this point consists of either a short-term medication, such as Nubain or Stadol, or long-term such as epidural anesthesia.