Sentence Examples

  • The amphorae began to be ribbed about A.D.
  • Nazario e Celso), a small structure in the form of a Latin cross with a dome (in which, as in the baptistery of Neon, the old cathedral, &c., the constructional use of amphorae is noteworthy), with a plain brick exterior, and rich mosaics on a dark blue ground within.
  • Among the tombs many of the poorer under the Empire were simply formed of amphorae, in which the body was placed.
  • Store of wine was contained in six amphorae, and in two bronze cauldrons were mutton-bones.
  • In the Kul Oba tomb mentioned above the chamber was of stone and the contents, with one or two exceptions, of purely Greek workmanship, but the ideas underlying are the same - the king has his wife, his servant and his horse, his amphorae with wine, his cauldron with mutton-bones, his drinking vessels and his weapons, the latter being almost the only objects of barbarian style.

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