Sentence Examples

  • In the first category there are two varieties: - (T) A mixture of ioo litres of spirit and 22 litres of a mixture of 4 parts of wood-naphtha and 1 of pyridine bases; this spirit, the use of which is practically limited to heating and lighting purposes, may be mixed with 50 grs.
  • Grain from 270 lb per head in 1884-1885 to 321 lb in 1901-1902 (maize reman~s almost stationary at 158 II,); wine from 73 to 125 litres per head; oil from 12 to 13 lb per head (sugar is almost stationary at 73/4 lb per head, and coffee at about I Ib); salt from 14 to 16 lb per head.
  • In an experiment on 3500 grams of paraffin produced from shale (melting point 44'5° C.) they obtained nearly 4 litres of liquid hydrocarbons, which they subjected to fractional distillation, and on examining the fraction distilling below loo° C., they found it to consist mainly of olefines.
  • Thus in the case of cyanacetic acid, while the volume V changed by doubling from 16 to 1024 litres, the values of k were 0.00 (37 6, 373, 374, 361, 362, 361, 368).
  • (a) What would be the dimensions of a cubical vessel which would exactly hold 125 litres; a litre being a cubic decimetre ?