Sentence Examples

  • Xy 2 -4z 3 +g2x 2 y+g3x 3, and also the special form axz 2 -4by 3 of the cuspidal cubic. An investigation, by non-symbolic methods, is due to F.
  • Its weight varies from 48 to about 55lb the cubic foot, but in very hard slowly-grown trunks sometimes approaches 60 lb.
  • We will write the cubic covariant (f, i) 2 =j, and then remark that the result, (f,j) 3 = o, can be readily established.
  • For Tartaglia's discovery of the solution of cubic equations, and his contests with Antonio Marie Floridas, see Algebra (History).
  • In many experiments, however, different inductions and frequencies are employed, and the hysteresis-loss is often expressed as ergs per cubic centimetre per cycle and sometimes as horse-power per ton.