Sentence Examples

  • Magnifying glasses are often used for viewing three-dimensional objects.
  • A brief reference must suffice to the theory of three dimensional frames.
  • Hence any three-dimensional system can be reduced to a single force R acting in a certain line, together with a couple G in a plane perpendicular to the line.
  • A geometrical proof of this theorem, which is not restricted to a two-dimensional system, is given later (If).
  • ~ Three-dimensional Kinematics of a Rigid Body.The position of a rigid body is determined when we know the positions of three points A, B, C of it which are not colljnear, for the position of any other point P is then determined by the three distances PA, PB, PC. The nine co-ordinates (Cartesian or other) of A, B, C are subject to the three relations which express the invariability of the distances BC, CA, AB, and are therefote equivalent to six independent quantities.

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