Sentence Examples

  • Petroleum has been found near Torres Vedras; pitchblende, arsenic, anthracite and zinc are also mined.
  • Becquerel in 1896 that minerals containing uranium, and particularly the mineral known as pitchblende, had the power of affecting sensitive photographic plates enclosed in a black paper envelope when the mineral was placed on the outside, as 1 See J.
  • Radius, ray), a metallic chemical element obtained from pitchblende, a uranium mineral, by P. and Mme.
  • The emission of rays like those just mentioned - as a property of some undiscovered substance, submitted pitchblende to a most careful analysis.
  • After the discovery of the radioactive properties of uranium by Henri Becquerel in 1896, it was noticed that some minerals of uranium, such as pitchblende, were more active than the element itself, and this circumstance suggested that such minerals contained small quantities of some unknown substance or substances possessing radioactive properties in a very high degree.

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