Sentence Examples

  • Radium is analgesic and bactericidal in its action.
  • At Jachymov (Joachimsthal), in North Bohemia, radium is produced.
  • It requires a radium salt of high radioactivity to be at all comparable in effectiveness with a good water-dropper.
  • About the beginning of the 10th century, however, the view was promulgated that the spontaneous production of helium from radium may be an instance of the transformation of one element into another.
  • Turning to the study of radioactivity, he noticed its association with the minerals which yield helium, and in support of the hypothesis that that gas is a disintegration-product of radium he proved in 1903 that it is continuously formed by the latter substance in quantities sufficiently great to be directly recognizable in the spectroscope.

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