Sentence Examples

  • A massive collection of sinister looking implements was growing—tools of their trade, all apparently necessary in order to remain aloft when maneuvering up or down perpendicular columns of frozen water.
  • Dean held it aloft for Fred to see.
  • But, if he have patience, he will see it mount aloft and there execute a series of aerial evolutions of an astounding kind.
  • 16) in which this wonderful process is carried out is a huge retort, lined with clay, dolomite or other refractory material, hung aloft and turned on trunnions, DD, through the right-hand one of which the blast is carried to the gooseneck E, which in turn delivers it to the tuyeres Q at the bottom.
  • This tup is raised and driven down by steam pressure applied below or above the piston E of the steam cylinder mounted aloft, and connected with the tup by means of the strong piston-rod F.

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