Sentence Examples

  • The sugar-cane flourishes, the cotton-plant ripens to perfection, date-trees are seen in the gardens, the rocks are clothed with the prickly-pear or Indian fig, the enclosures of the fields are formed by aloes and sometimes pomegranates, the liquorice-root grows wild, and the mastic, the myrtle and many varieties of oleander and cistus form the underwood of the natural forests of arbutus and evergreen oak.
  • For iron deficiency, which causes anemia, they use aloes, a hedging plant.
  • Bitter Aloes are made from the dried, purified sap obtained from the latex - the thin layer of tissue directly beneath the skin.
  • What a scent doth He cast, whose garments smell of myrrh, aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces?
  • Herbal laxatives such as aloes, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root, and senna are addictive and destructive to normal peristalsis.

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