Sentence Examples

  • Additional help is given by a kind of Catholic Churchman's Almanack, called the Ordo Recitandi Divini Officii, published in different countries and dioceses, and giving, under every day, minute directions for proper reading.
  • Original romance writing, which may be said to have commenced with Dugonics and Kaman at the close of the 18th, and to have found a representative in Francis Verseghy at the beginning of the 19th century, was afterwards revived by Fay in his Belteky hdz (1832), and by the contributors to certain literary magazines, especially the Aurora, an almanack conducted by Charles Kisfaludy, 1821-1830, and continued by Joseph Bajza to 1837.
  • Franklin's work as a publisher is for the most part closely connected with his work in issuing the Gazette and Poor Richard's Almanack (a summary of the proverbs from which appeared in the number for 1758, and has often been reprinted - under such titles as Father Abraham's Speech, and The Way to Wealth).1 Of much of Franklin's work as an author something has already been said.
  • 2 Both Swift and Franklin made sport of the typical astrologer almanack-maker.
  • See Sturm, The Almanack of the Hungarian Diet (1905-1910), art.