Sentence Examples

  • We could not choose a more perfect specimen of her style than the allegory under which she pictures the " might have been."
  • The Palice of Honour, his earliest work, is a piece of the later type of dream-allegory, extending to over 2000 lines in ninelined stanzas.
  • King Hart is another example of the later allegory, and, as such, of higher literary merit.
  • Its subject is human life told in the allegory of King Heart in his castle, surrounded by his five servitors (the senses), Queen Plesance, Foresight and other courtiers.
  • The consecrated wafer shared by Lohengrin and the swan on their voyage is one of the more obvious means taken by the poet to give the tale the character of an allegory of the .relations between Christ, the Church and the human soul.

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