Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes it took a ridiculous simile to make a point.
  • He introduced the simile that geography represented an artist's sketch of a whole portrait, while chorography corresponded to the caref and detailed drawing of an eye or an ear.'
  • There are indeed 'but few specimens of Syriac verse which exhibit high poetic quality; except for a fairly copious and occasionally skilful use of simile and metaphor, there is little of soaring imagination in Syriac poets.
  • His model was Xenophon, whom he has imitated with a tolerable measure of success; he abstains from an excessive use of simile and metaphor, and his style is concise and simple.
  • - The Talmud poetically describes Midrash as a hammer which wakes to shining light the sparks which slumber in the rock; and the simile is a happy one when one considers the exegetical implements, the workmen and their workmanship. For the expository or interpretative Midrash was bound up with rules and methods which often appear crude and arbitrary, they are nevertheless those of the age and they helped to build up lasting monuments.

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