Sentence Examples

  • They allegorized the Eucharist and explained away the bread and wine of which Jesus said to His apostles, "Take, eat and drink," as mere words of Christ, and denied that we ought to offer bread and wine as a sacrifice.
  • Thus Philo had, in his life of Moses, allegorized the Pentateuchal narratives so as to represent him as mediator, saviour, intercessor of his people, the one great organ of revelation, and the soul's guide from the false lower world into the upper true one.
  • - Theologians in all ages have allegorized this strange narrative.'
  • Moreover, the myths were rationalized and allegorized, which was not in either case an original procedure.
  • We are told that Simon allegorized the wooden horse and " Helen with the lamp," 2 and applied them to himself and his E7rtvoca.

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