Sentence Examples

  • He might be awaiting the other kingdoms to align with him.
  • At greater elevations than this the muzzle notch is used; to align on the target at lesser angles the dispart sight is so used.
  • When the target is completely concealed it is necessary to lay the gun on an aiming point more or less out of the line of fire, or to lay on a " director " with a large amount of deflection, and to align aiming posts with the sights at zero to give the direction of the target, and afterwards perhaps to transfer the line of sight to some other distant object, all of which require a far greater scope of deflection than is afforded by the deflection leaf.
  • What I am saying is that as more factors align toward peace, peace becomes ever more the better economic option.
  • The ends being political, so also, thought Birney, must be the means; as parties in the south were fusing, he laboured to re-align parties in the north, and advocated the formation of an independent antislavery party.