Sentence Examples

  • Happy to make your acquaintance, Miss Sidwell.
  • "It's what I made out of his nonsense.  Death can't bring a mortal back from the dead – it would break every Immortal Code there is.  I may be wrong, but what if …" Kris didn't hear Kiki's words.  Instead he mulled over the notion that Death had sought out Rhyn.  Their eldest brother, Andre, had spoken long ago about talking to Death on several occasions.  Whatever passed between them, Andre had never trusted the deity.  Their father as well had been a distant acquaintance to the elusive deity.
  • The mention of Liszt has led us to anticipate the end of the story, and we must revert to 1836, when the acquaintance began.
  • Soon afterwards he made the acquaintance of Lycinna, about whom we know little beyond the fact that she subsequently excited the jealousy of Cynthia, and was subjected to all her powers of persecution (vexandi).
  • At Cassel Forster formed an intimate friendship with the great anatomist Sommerring, and about the same time made the acquaintance of Jacobi, who gave him a leaning towards mysticism from which he subequently emancipated himself.

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