Sentence Examples

  • To this commission may be referred the cognizance of particular matters.
  • Under his cognizance come questions of public order, health and elections to parliament.
  • To guard against them he laid down three general rules: (1) that no one should be recognized as pope in England till he had himself taken cognizance of the papal election, and that no papal letters should be brought into the realm without his leave; (2) that no decisions of the English eccIe~iastical synods should be held valid till he had examined and sanctioned them; (3) that none of his barons or ministers should be~x.
  • The procedure of the courts which had cognizance of the matter was, however, by no means strict, and the judges and subordinate officials were often not ill-disposed towards Christians, so that evasion was fairly easy.
  • Matrimonial causes in Servia are of ecclesiastical cognizance (Lehr, op. cit.