Sentence Examples

  • We cannot know things-in-themselves: they exist for us only in our cognition of them, through the medium of sense-given data.
  • It is thus contrasted with metaphysics, which considers the nature of reality, and with psychology, which deals with the objective part of cognition, and, as Prof. James Ward said, "is essentially genetic in its method" (Mind, April 1883, pp. 166-167).
  • (a) The Kantian system had for the first time opened up a truly fruitful line of philosophic speculation, the transcendental consideration of knowledge, or the analysis of the conditions under which cognition is possible.
  • The primitive fact under which might be gathered the special conditions of that synthesis which we call cognition was this unity.
  • Closely connected with this remarkable defect in the Kantian view - lying, indeed, at the foundation of it - was the doctrine that the matter of cognition is altogether given, or thrown into the form of cognition from without.

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