Sentence Examples

  • In high school and college, she played co-ed soccer and basketball.
  • CH Na CH3 CO CH CH2.002R >CH3000H2 CH2 C020H.
  • Three characteristic oxides of cobalt are known, the monoxide, CoO, the sesquioxide, C0203, and tricobalt tetroxide, C0304; besides these there are probably oxides of composition Co02, Co 8 0 9, C0607 and C0405.
  • Cobalt sesquioxide, Co 2 0 3, remains as a dark-brown powder when cobalt nitrate is gently heated.
  • Not a soldier himself, he had to control and direct the movements of armies; can we be surprised if he failed, or if he was unable to keep control over the generals or to establish that military co-operation so essential to success?

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