Sentence Examples

  • Other aspects of Japanese zen gardens include incorporating natural features, such as a distant mountain, into the landscape plan by using trees or archways to frame a noticeable natural element.
  • Advice - The Now and Zen website offers a lot of information about the alarm clocks and also has a customer service email address so any specific questions can be answered before placing an order for the clocks.
  • Hip and Zen has a wonderful coded system that tells you which products are organic, handmade, recycled, fairly traded and natural, so you can buy things that are made in a way that best suits your priorities.
  • For the family that's mixture of ideas, creativity and philosophies, you may prefer the color palette often associated with Asian design, specifically a Zen range of color hues.
  • You can see the power of different CSS commands on identical sites most clearly on the famous CSS Zen Garden, which is a laboratory and training site for both the elementary and advanced CSS coder.