Sentence Examples

  • As far as I'm concerned, that wraps it up.
  • On the south-west they lose themselves in the sandy desert of Registan, which wraps itself round the plain of Kandahar, and forms another impassable barrier.
  • They are used principally for linings of good evening wraps for ladies.
  • He sometimes draws the beard and whiskers to the side of the head, and to keep it tidy wraps round it a cloth called dhata or galmocha.
  • The manner in which the balance of the load is weighed is as follows: Near the bottom of the vertical leg from the goods-pan, a projecting piece is rigidly attached to it, and as the pan descends with the balance of the load this piece pulls by a hook on a thin band of steel, which llIwwim is led upwards and wraps round the surface of a disk to which it is firmly secured.