Sentence Examples

  • A tin cup sounds like an odd gift to give someone, but if you have a Civil War buff friend, fill an original or replica tin cup with something else they like and watch them beam with excitement when they unwrap the package.
  • When most people think of lingerie for this holiday, however, they are considering women's garments as an attractive gift for men as well - as long as the man gets to "unwrap" it appropriately!
  • Use paper printed with a chuckling Santa, smiley faces, or just bright, bold colors and fun patterns to bring a smile to the recipient's face even before they unwrap it.
  • The first time you play you will need to unwrap the money and cards and to pop the "Funatony" parts off of the runner and place them in the open slots on the body board.
  • They are also able to fold a sheet of paper in half (with supervision), string large beads, manipulate snap toys, play with clay, unwrap small objects, and pound pegs.