Sentence Examples

  • Some herbalists think measures similar to those enacted in the EU would be beneficial, while others are leery of even more government intervention into what is seen as the last stronghold of independent health and wellness products.
  • The facility offers residents personalized assisted living services based on their individual needs, professional senior care including wellness and proactive health and fitness programs and a vast array of other services and amenities.
  • Meeting these professionals and having the opportunity to experience a free demonstration might give some seniors a better understanding of these treatments and determine if they should consider them in their overall wellness plan.
  • While she left her ex-husband and the uncertainty at Seattle Grace behind, she seems to have found only more of the same at Oceanside Wellness Center, not being able to settle into any relationship for more than just a short time.
  • Dieticians, cooks, wait staff, maintenance staff, front office personnel, accountants, financial aid advisors, marketing professionals, even wellness and activity/entertainment directors all help to keep the facilities efficient.

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