Sentence Examples

  • When considering adoption of a baby or older child, well-meaning friends and family have a load of speculative advice and warnings, but it's best to look at adoption facts to learn what you need to know.
  • In other cases, a well-meaning person takes the kitten home, and later realizes that he cannot keep it because of other pets, unwilling family members, rental agreements, lifestyle conflicts or simply because the kitten is too much work.
  • Well-meaning friends and family may give you plenty of nursery items, but if you find the room getting cramped from too much stuff, put some things away that you don't need at the present or place them in other rooms.
  • When Agnes Nixon's soap opera about Pine Valley, PA premiered on January 5, 1970, people were instantly hooked to the saga of the willful Kanes, the influential Chandlers and the well-meaning Martins.
  • There are so many places to get information on do-it-yourself projects: magazines, websites, home improvement store employees, well-meaning neighbors, and know-it-all relatives.