Sentence Examples

  • Well-Meant: An engagement gift should be given as a well-meant token of congratulations and best wishes for the happy couple, but they are certainly optional.
  • It was this influence as exerted by the successive advocates of Holland, Paul Buys and Johan van Oldenbarneveldt, Johan van which rendered abortive the well-meant efforts of the Oldenbarneveldt.
  • All over Egypt there was a feeling of unrest, and the well-meant but not very successful efforts of the British to improve the state of things were making them very unpopular.
  • The effects of this policy of blind obscurantism far outweighed any good that resulted from the king's well-meant efforts at economic and financial reform; and seven this reform was but spasmodic and partial, and awoke ultimately more discontent than it allayed.
  • He might have been overlooked but for the well-meant, indignant officiousness of his father.