Sentence Examples

  • Zwingli attacked the weakest part of Luther's theory - the ubiquity of the body of Christ; and Luther attacked Zwingli's exegesis of the words of the institution.
  • The weakest pair of concave lenses with which one can read clearly test types at a distance of 18 ft.
  • Conception is the weakest, judgment the strongest power of man's mind.
  • The weakest and least perfectly organized must always succumb."
  • It is usual in both girders and beams to provide not only for the safe support of the greatest possible distributed load, but for the greatest weight, such as that of a safe or other heavy piece of furniture which may be moved over the floor at its weakest points, the centres of the girders and beams. It must always be borne in mind that the formulae for the ultimate strength of the " I " beams only hold good when the upper chord or flange is supported laterally.