Sentence Examples

  • Look for bright fabrics that resist the effects of sunlight and chlorine; water-repellent fabrics that dry faster than ever; tightly-woven fabrics that protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and much more.
  • J.Crew's raincoats for boys are made from water-resistant, water-repellent nylon and features a special hydrophilic coating, which repels water molecules and protects your little one from the strongest winds.
  • Many Goldendoodles have wavy fur that is a cross between the Poodle and Golden Retriever fur, but some dogs inherit dense, curly Poodle fur or the Golden Retriever's straighter, water-repellent coat.
  • Waterproof Breathable: Water-repellent, waterproof and completely breathable, these sensible tops, bottoms and hats keep out moisture and rain.
  • Their coats are quite thick and water-repellent in order to protect the dogs from hypothermia when working in cold water.