Sentence Examples

  • I lost a good many of them, not knowing the cause until I happened to pull up some of the dead young trees, when I found the main roots were all barked round by the common water-rat, working below the line of the snow during a hard winter.
  • A third type, Prometheomys, from the Caucasus, is represented by a species of the size of a small water-rat, chestnut-brown in colour, with lighter feet, and the minute eyes covered with skin.
  • The single species is from Tasmania, though it has been found fossil in New South Wales; it is somewhat similar in size and appearance to the English water-rat, but has longer and softer fur.
  • Fleming, author of a work on British animals) for the water-rat and those species of field-mice which have cheek-teeth of the same general type.
  • In the water-rat and agoutis it is.