Sentence Examples

  • If you just like the shape and look of the vintage Oakley M frames but you don't care to hunt a discontinued pair down and suffer through the possibility of having no warranty, there are newer, current M frame models on the Oakley website.
  • If your watch needs repairing, either within the warranty or outside of the warranty, then the watch repair page of the Citizen Watch website provides all the information that you will require to arrange repair of your Citizen Watch.
  • The concern with these types of warranties is that if a problem arises and a person has a "wear and tear" warranty, the company will likely respond by saying that the problem is a "mechanical breakdown" problem and will not pay for it.
  • For additional warranty information, visit Bunn's Warranties for specifics.No matter where you go to purchase Bunn parts, determine if buying them and taking the time is worth saving the broken machine rather than purchasing a new one.
  • If you buy a refurbished product from a third party instead of directly from the manufacturer, just make sure to find out what the warranty is on the product and whether the warranty is through the manufacturer or through the retailer.