Sentence Examples

  • Guilt and need warred as her senses became saturated with his oak-amber scent, the warmth of his body at her back.
  • In the years 390-387 he warred against the Italiot cities in alliance with their Lucanian enemies.
  • His admiral George of Antioch, Greek by birth and creed, warred to settle alongside of them, all of whom were Latin as far as their official speech was concerned.
  • The latter warred in Palestine and in Nubia, and marked the south frontier of his kingdom by a statue and stelae at Semna beyond the Second Cataract.
  • Succeeded as the husband of his half-sister, but reigned only two or three years, during which he warred in Nubia and placed Tethmosis III., his son by a concubine Esi, upon the throne beside him (c. 1500 B.C.).