Sentence Examples

  • See also the Vie de Saint Thomas, by Garnier de Pont Sainte Maxence (ed.
  • For details of his life consult Peuchet, Mirabeau: Memoires sur sa vie litteraire et privee (1824); and the Memoires biographiques, litteraires et politiques de Mirabeau, ecrits par lui-meme, par son pere, son oncle et son fits adoptif, which was issued by his adopted son, Lucas de Montigny (8 vols., Paris, 1834-1835).
  • George Sand, who was a firm believer in the doctrine of heredity, devotes a whole volume of her autobiography (Histoire de ma vie, 1857 seq.) to the elaboration of this strange pedigree.
  • Paul Sabatier's fascinating and in many ways sympathetic Vie de S.
  • Et religieuse (1843-1845); and La Vie eternelle passee, presente, future (1861).