Sentence Examples

  • The games do not reference each other but often tell a similar tale of a righteous hero, the green tunic-clad Link, appearing to vanquish evil, usually in the form of Ganondorf.
  • Help vanquish the mysterious Twilight beasts from the peaceful land and roam across a massive landscape as you enjoy the deep storyline and over 50 hours of gameplay.
  • According to some of the feedback in online discussion forums Vanquish Eyewear's "Pay only for Postage and Handling Deal" may be a semi-scam.
  • At all times it was believed that Ormazd would ultimately vanquish Ahriman.
  • Because the Spirit worked with him, he was able to vanquish Satan and all desires, and because of his righteousness and good works he was made worthy of grace and became a Temple of God the Word, which came down from heaven in Jordan, dwelt in him and through him wrought miracles.