Overcome Definition

overcame, overcomes, overcoming
overcame, overcomes, overcoming
To defeat (another) in competition or conflict.
Overcame the opposing team in the last quarter.
American Heritage
To get the better of in competition, struggle, etc.; conquer.
Webster's New World
To master, prevail over, or surmount.
To overcome obstacles.
Webster's New World
To be victorious; win.
Webster's New World
To make helpless; overpower or overwhelm.
Overcome by pity.
Webster's New World

Origin of Overcome

  • From Middle English overcomen, from Old English ofercuman (“to overcome, subdue, compel, conquer, obtain, attain, reach, overtake"), corresponding to over- +"Ž come. Cognate with Dutch overkomen (“to overcome"), German überkommen (“to overcome"), Danish overkomme (“to overcome"), Swedish överkomma (“to overcome").

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