Sentence Examples

  • If you're on horseback, you can make your horse slide and trample bad guys.
  • Civil Liberties watchdog groups immediately took a stand against the bill, making it very clear that attempts to censor the internet of any sort of speech would trample over every citizen's basic right to nonviolent dissent.
  • Nerva saw that if he could not find an Augustus to control the army, the army would find another Domitian to trample the senate under foot.
  • It had been the policy of the great Mahratta chiefs, Holkar and Sindhia, to trample down into complete subjection all the petty Rajput princes, whose lands they seized and from whom they levied heavy contributions of money.
  • " Twelve priests should stand about the bishop, munica= holding in their hands lighted torches, which at the con- tion s, clusion of the anathema or excommunication they should cast down and trample under foot."