Sentence Examples

  • Where it may clog up the area around your car, making it hazardous getting around your garage, once it's nestled next to your ceiling, it'll be easy to get at but not treacherously underfoot.
  • The most common problems with portable heaters are that they can get underfoot and cause injury, and since they run on 120-volts, they can use more electricity than their 240-volt counterparts.
  • If you like the idea of a soft carpet underfoot in the bathroom, but don't want to take the chance of water damaging the carpeting, bathroom carpet tiles may be a solution to consider.
  • Custom fit pro liner: This liner features three foam layers that conform underfoot, over the instep and around the toes, heel and shin so you have superior foothold inside the boot.
  • With a breathtaking view of the ocean shimmering in the background, a spate of soft, hot sand underfoot and the sun shining down on friends and family, the magic of the moment is somehow amplified in this lovely setting.