Sentence Examples

  • The Germans complain that in many cases the government acted very unfairly to them.
  • McGill, London, 1843 and 1850) unfairly antagonistic; T.
  • Some feel it is unfairly intrusive.
  • It was my big mouth mentioning Byrne in front of Baratto that caused most of this problem but God knows what an open investi­gation would unfairly do to Cynthia Byrne.
  • Of the other measures of reform promoted by Abd-ul-Mejid the more important were - the reorganization of the army (1843-1844), the institution of a council of public instruction (1846), the abolition of an odious and unfairly imposed capitation tax, the repression of slave trading, and various provisions for the better administration of the public service and for the advancement of commerce.