Sentence Examples

  • Our unconditioned is either a pure abstraction, or else the impossible notion of a completed system of conditions.
  • Of such primitive principles, the absolutely necessary conditions of possible cognition, only three are thinkable - one perfectly unconditioned both in form and matter; a second, unconditioned in form but not in matter; a third, unconditioned in matter but not in form.
  • We never know anything except as determined by its attributes; but that would not prevent us from inferring something determined as unconditioned, whether infinite or absolute.
  • ' 2 " He was said to be the father of all the gods, and creator of all things, yet was scarcely reckoned an object of worship."' Dr Turner says, " the unrestricted, or unconditioned, may fairly be regarded as the name of this Samoan Jupiter."4 The worship of certain of the great gods was common to all the people in a group of islands.
  • He accepts an ultimate antinomy as to the finiteness or infinity of " the unconditioned," yet applies the law of the excluded middle to insist that one of the two alternatives must be true, wherefore we must make the choice.