Sentence Examples

  • Use of trendy elements: Most girls and youg women can't afford the bag styles that are seen on the runways each season, but Mudd takes inspirations from some of the latest trends and adds these elements to their messengers in a fun way.
  • Because of their versatility, ease of styling, and the way they flatter almost all women who choose to wear them, graduated bob haircuts will no doubt remain a popular choice for those wanting to look trendy and classic at the same time.
  • Because Coach makes timeless and elegant products (as well as some trendy ones) buying last seasons Coach sunglasses may not be too different than buying this seasons eye wear option-- except for the difference in how much they cost you.
  • While adult men and women may feel somewhat limited when it comes to haircuts that fit their lifestyle, hair type, face shape, and the norms of society, haircuts for teens are usually a trendy, fun, and unique means of self-expression.
  • Once thought of as a throwback style and often considered a symbol of all that was trendy in the 1980s, Vuarnet now embodies a style that offers buyers a look that is every bit as much current as any other designer in the industry.