Sentence Examples

  • By all accounts, Levi's alarm clock was an impressive timepiece, but the alarm could only go off at four a.m. It wasn't exactly the most functional alarm clock, but for farmers who worked the fields in the morning, the clock was perfect.
  • During the years that followed, Seiko worked to address the problems that accompany both saturation dives and shallow dives, taking pride in every timepiece that made it past the stringent criteria of the world's best watchmakers.
  • Whether you're searching for a vintage Disneyland cast watch, a brand new, just released cast member watch or you just want a Disneyland themed timepiece, you're sure to find a watch that matches your style and taste.
  • Watches - After finding a brand and model, individual watch pages contain a crisp image of the timepiece along with a descriptive paragraph and easy reference info grid contining facts such as band, warranty and retail price.
  • What began as a simple concept to reinvigorate the failing Swiss timepiece industry while carving a contemporary niche for the company, has now achieved cult collectability status among watch lovers and fans of pop culture.