Sentence Examples

  • Such thieves as refused to work with him received short shrift.
  • 44); " I am the door of the sheep, all they that came before Me are thieves and robbers," (x.
  • In the arrangements of the commonwealth the clauses treating of royal privileges are more or less evenly distributed over all reigns, but the systematic development of police functions, especially in regard to responsibility for crimes, the catching of thieves, the suppression of lawlessness, is mainly the object of 10th and 11th century legislation.
  • Enactments about the pursuit of thieves, and the calling in of warrantors to justify sales of chattels, are other expressions of the difficulties attending peaceful intercourse.
  • 8, 54) Summanus and the verb summanare are used for the god of thieves and the act of stealing, with obvious reference to Summanus as a god of night, a time favourable to thieves and their business.