Sentence Examples

  • Julius holds that this sole fact robs of objective reality almost all the features of the sun, An al ou.
  • Again he urges, that since redemption is in Christ alone, and that, too, full redemption and on the basis of faith alone, the demand for asceticism and meaningless ceremonies is folly, and moreover robs Christ, in whom dwells the divine fulness, of His rightful supremacy (ii.
  • He readjusts the distribution of property: he robs the rich and endows the poor.
  • He quotes Lafargue with approval: " The working-man who eats a sausage and is paid five francs a day knows quite well that his employer robs him, and that a sausage tastes well and is good food."
  • It lies in the north-east trade winds belt, but the mountain chain on its northern frontier robs these winds of their moisture and leaves the greater part of the Brazilian plateau rainless.