Sentence Examples

  • Mirror Image teaches young people about cyberstalking in a game which is based on a real-life incident where several young women were victimized by an online predator pretending to be a modeling scout.
  • The Predator, whose latest version, the Predator Absolute TRX promises the top-of-the line power, offers an interchangeable PowerPulse sock liner, which creates an incredibly lightweight boot.
  • A determined predator can easily find out your child's location by using seemingly innocuous clues.Teach your children to avoid giving any specific information.
  • Artistic Effects: GIMP's artistic special effects arsenal includes a few you won't find in other editing software, including cartoon, cubism, oilfy, Van Gogh, and predator.
  • Animals that appear smaller than your cat are generally greeted without fear, but enlarge a harmless canary on a big screen TV, and suddenly your cat is looking at a predator, not prey.